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425 DX News #1697

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11 November 2023                                          A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 1697
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

3W     - Jacek, SP5APW will be active as  3W9C from  Con Son Island (AS-130)
         from  30 November to 9 December.  He is allowed to operate on  five
         bands; he will use SSB and FT8 on 20, 17, 15 and 10m  with wire an-
         tennas,  and FT8 on 6 metres with a 3-element yagi.  "I am not a CW
         operator",  he says.  "However, if somebody hates FT8  and wants to
         try CW with me,  I should be able to manage it as a sked when there
         is no pile-up".  His licence for 6m is limited to 53-54 MHz,  so he
         plans to operate split: listening on 50.313 or 50.323 and transmit-
         ting on 53.313 or 53.323. I haven't tried yet to work FT8 with such
         a wide split,  but this is the only option  to try to work IARU Re-
         gion 1. If it doesn't work,  I will simply work 53.313 MHz  for Re-
         gions 2 and 3, where the 6m band is wider".
4S7    - Peter, DC0KK is active again as 4S7KKG from Sri Lanka (AS-003, grid
         MJ96xk) until 30 March 2024.  He operates FT8, FT4, RTTY and possi-
         bly CW on 20-6 metres.  QSL via LoTW, Club Log's OQRS, or direct to
         home call.
8P     - Bob, GU4YOX will enter the CQ WW DX CW Contest (25-26 November)  as
         8P9A (SOSB 20 metres) from Barbados (NA-021). Before the contest he
         will be  QRV as  8P9OX  to test his set up.  QSL via LoTW,  or  via
         GU4YOX (direct and bureau).
A4     - A43ND is the special callsign for the Royal Omani Amateur Radio So-
         ciety to celebrate Oman National Day (18 November).  QSL via EC6DX,
         LoTW, eQSL.
         Also taking part in the celebrations will be
         * the Emirates Amateur Radio Society as  A60OMA  on  12-18 November
           (QSL via EA7FTR); individual operators may append a serial number
           to the special callsign,  and be QRV as A60OMA/0, A60OMA/1,  etc.
           (see qrz.com for the QSL routes);
         * the  Bahrain Amateur Radio Society as  A91OMA  on  12-18 November
           (QSL via EC6DX and LoTW); and
         * possibly other  national societies of  Gulf Cooperation Council's
           neighbouring countries (HZ1OMAN, 9K9OMAN, A71OMAN).
F      - Michel, F8GGZ will be active as TM100LTB from  25 November to 3 De-
         cember. QSL via the bureau.  The special callsign commemorates  the
         100th  anniversary   of  the  first  transatlantic amateur  two-way
         contact between Leon Deloy, F8AB and Fred Schnell, 1MO (28 November
         1923). QSL via the bureau.
FJ     - KB9DVB as FJ/KB9DVB and KC9SNM & KB9DVC as TO0T will be active from
         St. Barthelemy (NA-146) on 22-29 November. They will operate CW and
         SSB (no FT8),  and will participate in the  CQ WW DX CW Contest  as
         TO0T (QSL via KB9DVC). [TNX NG3K]
FS     - Team TO9W (K9EL, K9NU, N9EP, W9AP and FS4WBS)  will be active again
         from  Saint Martin (NA-105)  from  26 November to 8 December.  They
         will operate CW, SSB, FT8, FT4 and RTTY on 160-6 metres  with three
         stations:  "our goal  is to make  as many QSOs  as possible  on all
         bands and modes, with special emphasis on CW",  they say.  "We nor-
         mally  give priority to the  160, 80, 40 bands  in that order,  but
         with the increased sunspot activity, we will establish band priori-
         ties based on conditions at that time".  Two operators  will arrive
         late on 25 November, and will be QRV during the CQ WW DX CW Contest
         as time allows.  QSL via LoTW, Club Log's OQRS,  or via W9ILY.  See
         https://www.k9el.com/TO9W/TO9W.htm  for  more information;  updates
         will be posted to https://www.facebook.com/groups/539588070673287/.
LU_ant - L36Z is the  special callsign  for amateur radio activities  taking
         place from the facilities of the LRA 36 Radio Nacional Arcangel San
         Gabriel at  Esperanza Base, Antarctica (AN-016).  QSL via LoTW,  or
         direct to LU4DXU,
P4     - John, W2GD will be active again as P40W from Aruba (SA-036) on  20-
         28 November.  Main activity will be during the CQ WW DX CW Contest;
         outside the contest he will be QRV on  160, 30, 17 and 12 metres as
         time permits. QSL via LoTW, or direct to N2MM. [TNX NG3K]
PJ4    - Look for PJ4/K4BAI, PJ4/KU8E and PJ4/N8VW to be active from Bonaire
         (SA-006) on 21-28 November.  They will participate in the  CQ WW DX
         CW Contest as PJ4A.  QSL PJ4/K4BAI,  PJ4/KU8E and  PJ4A via  K4BAI.
         [TNX NG3K]
PJ7    - Gary, KC9EE will be active again as  PJ7EE from  Sint Maarten  (NA-
         105) on 20-29 November,  including an entry in the CQ WW DX CW Con-
         test. QSL via LoTW, Club Log's OQRS, or direct to home call.
T32    - The Rebel DX Group will be active as T32TT from  Kiritimati/Christ-
         mas Island (OC-024), East Kiribati "starting from the first week of
         December 2023 for  3 or more weeks".  Plans are to operate  digital
         Modes, plus CW and SSB, on 160-6 metres.  QSL via  Club Log's OQRS.
         Bookmark https://www.facebook.com/rebeldxgroup/ for updates.
UA     - Special callsigns R2023DX and UE33DX will be active on 17-30 Novem-
         ber to celebrate the 33th anniversary of the  Miller DX Club.  QSLs
         via RQ7L.
V4     - Bob, WX4G will be active as V47RB from  St. Kitts (NA-104)  from 20
         November to 1 December. He will operate CW, FT4, FT8 and SSB on 80-
         6 metres,  and will participate in the CQ WW DX CW Contest as  V48A
         on 40 metres.  QSLs via LoTW,  Club Log's OQRS, eQSL,  or via WX4G.
         [TNX NG3K]
V5     - Gunter, DK2WH  will be active again as  V51WH and V55Y  in contests
         from Namibia starting on  16 November through April 2024.  He oper-
         ates SSB, CW and FT8 on 160-10 metres.  QSL via home call;  he does
         not use LoTW.
VK9    - Yuris, YL2GM and Eugene, EA5EL will be active as VK9XY from Christ-
         mas Island (OC-002) on 14-27 November, and as  VK9CY from the Cocos
         (Keeling) Islands  (OC-003)  from  29 November to 7 December.  They
         will operate  CW, SSB and FT8  on 160-6 metres  with  two stations.
         QSLs via Club Log's OQRS  (direct and bureau),  or direct to YL2GN.
         See https://www.lral.lv/vk9xy_vk9cy/index.html for information.
VP9    - Darrell, AB2E will be active as AB2E/VP9 from  VP9GE's rent-a-shack
         on 23-27 November.  Main activity  will be during  the  CQ WW DX CW
         Contest; outside the contest he will operate mostly CW and some FT8
         on 30, 17 and 12 metres, as well as on the low bands. QSL via LoTW,
         or direct to home call. [TNX NG3K]
VU     - A team from the  West Bengal Radio Club  (VU2WB)  will be active as
         AT23JCB from Mousuni (Mahisani) Island  (AS-153)  from around 10.30
         UTC on 18 November  until around  3 UTC on  19 November.  Look  for
         activity on  40, 20 metres and 10 metres. RW6HS  will  be  the  QSL
         manager "for Russia & CIS countries".
VU     - Datta, VU2DSI will be active once again as AU2JCB from  23 November
         to 11 December to commemorate the birthdate  (30 November 1858)  of
         Indian physicist and radio pioneer  Jagadish Chandra Bose.  He will
         operate SSB on 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 metres, and FM on 50800, 51500
         and 29700 Khz. QSL direct to home call. Also QRV are expected to be
         AU3JCB (operated by VU2EVU) and AU5JCB (operated by VU2XPN).
YB     - Burkhard, DL3KZA  is currently  active  as  YB9/DL3KZA from  Flores
         Island (OC-151)  until 17 November.  QSL via home call,  direct  or
         bureau.  Along with him are YB9IPY, YB9HF, YB9JAJ and YC9GBO.  [TNX
         The Daily DX]
ZL7    - Team ZL7A's flight to  Chatham Island  has been delayed by two days
         because  of fog,  and it is now scheduled  for  11 November  (check
         https://www.qrz.com/db/ZL7A for updates.  Three operators expect to
         be QRV until 22 November  using SSB, CW, FT8 and FT4 on 160-6m. QSL
         via LoTW (preferred), Club Log's OQRS, eQSL, or direct to JF1OCQ.

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

Access to the main functions of www.425dxn.org is provided by the 425DXN App
for Android. It is available on Google Play - free of charge, no ads. Enjoy!

425 DX NEWS MAGAZINE ---> The October 2023 issue  is available for  download
at https://www.425dxn.org/. [TNX IZ3EBA]

H44WA: FT8 SPOOF PREVENTION ---> The upcoming DXpedition to the  Solomon Is-
lands [425DXN 1695] will operate FT8 using  WSJT-X in Fox/Hound mode.  In an
effort to combat piracy, the team will be  beta-testing a  new anti-spoofing
technology for FT8  developed by Brian Moran (N9ADG). H44WA will transmit CQ
and work stations,  and every few cycles will send a callsign followed by  a
6-digit verification number, e.g.
010200  -3  0.1  300 -  H44WA 695243
010200  -3  0.1  360 -  CQ H44WA QI90
Only the genuine H44WA will be able to send the right code  for a particular
timestamp, which can be verified here: https://www.9dx.cc/verify/H44WA. This
should help  calling stations  have confidence  that they are not copying  a
pirate. In addition, Club Log's Live Stream feature will be enabled for QSOs
in all modes: https://clublog.org/livestream/H44WA.

T2C ---> According to the final log (https://clublog.org/charts/?c=T2C), the
10-30 October DXpedition to Tuvalu made  112,914 QSOs  (47475 FT8, 39935 CW,
21946 SSB, 3558 RTTY) with 31,062 unique callsigns. The QSL manager (DL4SVA)
has removed  "a significant amount"  of dupe FT8 QSOs  that were made within
the same 3-minute time window,  and  "his decision is final".  The QSL cards
are expected from the printer in early December.

TX5S ---> Francesco, IK0FVC  has joined the operating team of the DXpedition
to Clipperton Island (18 January - 1 February 2024) [425DXN 1692].
Clipperton  is now  #26 Most Wanted  in Europe, and remains  #37 Most Wanted
globally.  "Our team is well balanced with experienced  CW, SSB and  digital
DXpedition and contest operators,  with an operating schedule that will keep
them busy".
An account has been created at Groups.io for interested people  to post com-
ments about the operation and to communicate with the Pilots; they will con-
solidate the information from their region  and send it to the  Chief Pilot,
who will be in touch with the team on the island. The team will not be moni-
toring Groups.io,  nor  will the Pilots have access to the log  -  so no re-
quests for  log checks,  busted calls,  not in log, or schedules  should  be
submitted: https://groups.io/g/Clipperton-2024.
The fundraising campaign is underway, but donations so far are only at about
44%  of the goal:  "the cash flow challenge is real,  we must pay  the bills
before we sail, we need your help", the team's Press Release #7 states.  "We
ask those of you who have not yet processed a donation  to consider support-
ing the project before we sail on 11 January 2024":  https://clip.pdxg.net/.
You can also follow TX5S on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tx5s2024.

TX7L ---> Direct and bureau cards  for the  current operation from  Hiva Oa,
Marquesas Islands (https://tx7l.com/)  should be requested  exclusively  via
Club Log's OQRS,  which  will be enabled  immediately  after the end  of the
operation.  This is "to avoid situations  where people work them,  request a
card,  work them again somewhere else,  and send email saying please include
that card with the initial request". [TNX F6EXV]

VK9XGM: CANCELLED ---> "We have taken the  very difficult decision to cancel
our DXpedition to VK9X", Chris, GM3WOJ and Keith, GM4YXI announced on  6 No-
vember (https://www.vk9xgm.com/) They were expected to be QRV from Christmas
Island from 21 November to 5 December, including an entry in the CQ WW DX CW

V62S & V62P ---> The "North Star"  was scheduled to leave Weno  at 7 UTC (17
local time)  on 8 November,  but departure  has been postponed  for  one day
owing to unfavourable weather forecast.  The voyage will take quite a while,
as passengers and cargo  have to be  dropped off  at  five different islands
before the ship  can head straight for  Satawal (OC-299).  The captain "will
try his best to arrive by 13 November", Cezar says,  but  "to be on the safe
side, I should count on arriving to Satawal on 14 November".
The plan is to stay on  Satawal (V62S) for six full days,  followed by  four
full days on Puluwat (V62P, OC-155).
"Once I depart Weno",  Cezar says,  "I was clearly  told that  I won't  have
Internet anywhere, on any island.  The only communication between  Weno  and
the islands is via  SAT phone at the admin office.  I am not fully convinced
that this is correct,  but I have been warned,  and so I am prepared for it.
While on the boat,  the captain has HF communication with Weno and SAT phone
as well, for emergency".


QSLs received direct or through  managers: 1A0C,  6W/IV3FSG,  7Q5RU,  9A8DV,
9Q1AA,  9Q1ZZ, 9Q2WX,  AT7SJ (AS-177), C21TS, CT9/OM3RG,  DS1TUW/2 (AS-090),
FT8WW,  LY787A,  OH0Z,  P43A, PJ4DX,  RI0Z (AS-039),  S79VU,  SJ9WL,  T32AZ,


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